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Tarot AF: 4-Week or 6-Week Courses

Tarot AF: 4-Week or 6-Week Courses
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Forget everything you think you know about tarot.  

You've seen Tarot in the movies. Carnival fortune tellers.  Terrifying predictions.  Sparky dark rooms full of smoke and crystals.  It's all bogus.  In reality, tarot is a powerful self care tool that empowers us to make better choices.  It helps us look within, be mindful of what we're feeling, sort out our thoughts, and obtain guidance from our own inner wisdom.  It can help us connect spiritually and assist in mindfulness and meditation.  

In this workshop you will learn everything you need to know to begin performing your own tarot readings, including the history and structure of tarot, how to pick a deck, understanding individual card meanings, interpreting tarot spreads, and practical tips for a mindful tarot practice.

If you already have a tarot deck, please bring it with you to class.  If you don't already own a tarot deck and would like to purchase one, the Rider Waite Smith is an ideal deck to learn with.  Decks will also be available for students to borrow during class.

Week 1 (core) - Tarot Basics

  • Introductions

    • Icebreaker to get to know classmates

    • My bio / how I got started doing tarot / experience & credentials

    • Woven Psyche's philosophy on tarot (how it works)

      • Tarot as self care and mindfulness practice

      • Tarot as feminist practice

      • Tarot fills an unmet need

    • What you will take away from this class

  • Tarot basics

    • Brief history of tarot

    • Tips for selecting your first deck (if necessary, depending on whether students already have decks)

    • Overview of tarot deck structure (the Major Arcana vs. the 4 Minor Arcana suits)

    • Basic principles for interpreting a card

    • Group exercise: practice these principles by pulling cards and interpreting them together

  • Optional continued study at home

    • Pull a card at random each day and continue to practice what you learned about card interpretations

Week 2 (core) - The Major Arcana

  • Understanding the Major Arcana

    • Walk through the first several cards together

    • Exercise: practice interpreting the remaining major arcana cards on your own (each student receives a card & then shares with group)

    • Pause for questions and answers

  • Differences between Major and Minor Arcana cards in greater depth

  • Structure of the Minor Arcana: 4 suits and what they represent (the four elements)

  • Optional continued study at home

    • Research the four elements online - what types of traits, energies, activities and personalities are associated with each of the four elements?  What zodiac personality types are associated with them?  What colors and symbols are associated with them?

Week 3 (core) - The Minor Arcana

  • Refresher on the Major Arcana - interpret 3 cards together 

  • Reviewing the four Minor Arcana suits and their elements

  • Deconstructing a Minor Arcana suit

    • Understanding numbered cards

    • Understanding court cards

  • Exercise - court card personality game (using the court cards to better understand the suit's energies)

    • What celebrities do you associate with each court card?

    • What court card are you?

  • Walk through ace through ten - comparing the same number in different suits

  • Optional continued study at home

    • Spend more time with minor arcana cards, applying general interpretation principles on top of what you now know about elemental energies and number significance

    • Play the court card personality game on your own

Week 4 (core) - Putting it All Together

  • Group Exercise: Interpreting a card in response to a question (1 card reading practice)

  • Understanding card combinations (do they reinforce, inform or conflict?)

  • Group & then Partner Exercise: Interpreting card combinations in response to a question

  • What is a tarot spread and how does card position add meaning?

  • Spreads vs. going spreadless

  • Basic spread types

    • Past present future

    • 5 card chronological

    • Compare & Contrast

  • Fitting spreads to the question

  • Partner exercise: 3 card readings

  • Further at home study: You are ready to start doing readings!  Practice makes perfect.

Advanced Add-On Options:

Week 5 (further learning) - Reading Reversals (cards that show up upside down)

  • What is a reversal and how are reversals traditionally interpreted?

  • Pros and cons to reading reversals

  • Taking a more modern approach to reversals

    • Brainstorming exercise: What could reversals represent?

    • Learning from the Hanged Man Card

    • Context-driven interpretation (with specific examples)

  • Exercise: Reading card pairs with one card reversed

  • Partner exercise: Read all cards face up, then reverse one card and re-read

  • Pause for final Q&A and reflections

  • Optional study at home: continue to perform these exercises at home

Week 6 (further learning) - Practical Tips for a Fulfilling Tarot Practice

  • Tips for building confidence

    • Practice, practice, practice

    • Join a tarot group and gain supervised practice opportunities

    • Relying on the Woven Psyche philosophy: you're not expected to be psychic

  • What to expect during a tarot reading

    • Different types of querent (example stories)

    • Shyness vs. resistance

    • Handling difficult querents

    • When spooky things happen

  • Pros and cons of reading for people you're close to, and managing personal bias

  • Ensuring a positive experience for your querents

    • Balancing professionalism and compassion

    • Professional ethics (confidentiality, conflicts of interest, setting expectations)

    • Framing good questions

    • Being interactive

  • Ensuring a positive experience for yourself

    • Setting boundaries and policies early

    • Avoiding compassion fatigue through self care

    • Special considerations for paid readings


  • Thursday August 8

  • Thursday August 15

  • Thursday August 22

  • Thursday August 29

  • (Thursday Sept 5) - Advanced Add-On

  • (Thursday Sept 12) - Advanced Add-On

Classes will vary between 90-120 minutes each.

Students are encouraged to bring a journal or notebook and something to write with. We will be offering a 4-week Beginner’s Course for foundation-setting and a 6-Week Advanced Course option for further learning (this will be two additional weeks after the first four weeks).

Course Presented By: Emily, Woven Psyche

About Emily: Emily has been reading tarot cards for over a decade, and is a founding member and current co-facilitator of the Capital Tarot Society.  Emily launched her small business, Woven Psyche, in 2017 to offer an accessible, down-to-Earth approach to tarot and other self care practices.  Woven Psyche is dedicated to demystifying the mystical, creating a sense of everyday magic, exploring the sacred feminine, offering enriching social experiences, and to encouraging mindfulness and self-care through tarot and like-minded practices.

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