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Get In Line: Chakra Rebalancing

Get In Line: Chakra Rebalancing

Guess can really suck. Sometimes we get thrown off by the littlest thing, but wouldn't you love to be able to start fresh? To find a hyper-charged sense of resilience and purpose as we charge into the Winter?

Join us for a deep cleaning, chakra cleanse, and soulful discovery of your feminine power. Together we will rebalance and reconnect with the self in order to better take on this crazy shit show world. CBD tea, massage, and breathwork will be used, along with a discussion around unpacking the difficulties women face coming into the body in a high-paced, stressed out, urban environment.

Fun bonus: Tarot readings will take place at the end of the workshop.

Led By: Kirsten Melone

Kirsten spends her free time teaching yoga & meditation and is currently working through a two-year certification program in Spiritual Direction at the Shalem Institute of Washington, DC. Kirsten's mission is to be a holder of sacred space. As a lover of stories, art, and nature she also seeks to embody the wisdom of ancient contemplative practices in an over-stimulated world.