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The Power of Sensuous Living: Three-Part Series

The Power of Sensuous Living: Three-Part Series
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The Power of Sensuous Living is a delicious, full-bodied (pun-intended) interactive learning experience created by Suzanne and Priscilla of the Lavender Junkie. The 3-part series serves as a guide to the modern, city-dwelling woman who is craving a life deeply-felt, nourishing and authentic. The series creation fuses kundalini yoga and non-linear movement meditation practices with embodiment practices to aid women in sinking into their body’s wisdom, pleasure, healing abilities and power. The workshops are artfully peppered with poetry, sutras, bodypsalms, and music to diversify the learning experience. The series is divided into three different workshops to allow for an integration period. Each workshop builds upon the previous one. We will provide tea, essential oils, and other delights to create a true sanctuary for the senses.

Workshop I: Sensation (The Deep Ocean of You)
Friday, October 11 // 6:15pm - 8:00pm

Most of us live in our heads, disembodied, sensually-stunted, distant to the world and numb to our sensations. Once we are in touch with our body - our inner sensations, textures, tensions, thoughts - we develop an awareness of what’s below our skin and connections are revealed. In this session, the road to becoming an embodied, sensuous woman has is a path to a life of inspiration, self-healing, empowerment, vivaciousness, and creative, full expression. 

Workshop II: Shadow (The Wound as a Portal to Brilliance)
Friday, October 18 // 6:15pm - 8:00pm

Here, we learn to embrace all parts of ourselves. We embrace our expansiveness - our light and our shadow. We release tension, clenching and holding that have developed in the body as a result of trauma, ignoring parts of ourselves deemed unlovable, and performing for others in order to feel worthy. Somatic awareness helps us to embrace all facets of ourselves and release what no longer serves us. 

Workshop III: Savor  (The Radiance of You)
Friday, October 25 // 6:15pm - 8:00pm

The work we’ve done thus far leads us here, to be present and savor the moments. We will learn to experience more pleasure by awakening our senses, slowing down and becoming present.Through expanded senses, we honor our unique divine gifts and are able to open up to a realm of sensual magic. We learn to shed guilt and thoughts of selfishness when it comes to embodying our sensuous selves. 


  • A Journal

  •  Yoga mat 

  • Pen and/or pencil

  • A bottle of water

About Suzanne:

Ten years ago, Suzanne walked out of a yoga class onto a busy city street and noticed how vibrant the world is even on an ordinary day. It was a natural high she decided to never give up. She became a yoga teacher because she wanted to introduce everyone to the technology of yoga and meditation that unlocks the natural high waiting to be ignited in their bodies. Suzanne has studied at two of the country’s leading yoga retreat and education centers, Yogaville Satchidanda Ashram and Kripalu Center for Yoga & Health. She completed a 200-hour Kundalini Yoga certification at Lighthouse Yoga, a 200-hour Vinyasa Yoga certification with Faith Hunter and studied contemplative prayer at the Shalem Institute. Suzanne currently teaches a weekly Kundalini meditation and yoga class.

About Priscilla: 

Growing up Priscilla was always observing. In her observations she realized that most women didn’t evoke the zest for life that she felt was possible. She studied Cultural Anthropology & Spanish at UC Berkeley, driven by a fascination of how other cultures live life. One day, she came to an enlightened realization that not only did she absolutely loves her senses and sensory-based activities but that people lived numb to them and their bodies in general. She had an inkling that this was a key to living a robust life. She started reading voraciously to gain knowledge on the issue at hand. Her search led her to read books on somatics, yoga, embodiment, feminism, tantra and more. She is currently receiving a certification in Feminine Embodiment Coaching and is founder of The Lavender Junkie, a guide to sensuous, embodied living as a woman. She leads The Art of Sensuous Living & other popular workshops across the DMV area and coaches individual clients.

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