Sound Bath & Psychic Readings

Sound Bath & Psychic Readings

from 30.00

Kick-off your Saturday night with sound healing and psychic readings with Shannon Shine and Selomon. Enjoy a space of non-judgement and relaxation featuring a Quartz Crystal Singing Bowl, UFO Drum, Flute, and more instruments designed to harmonize the physical body. Each person will also have the option to receive an individual reading by Psychic Intuitive Shannon Shine.

Event Presented by: Shannon Shine & Selomon

About Selomon: Selomon has been called the "Bob Ross of Meditation" and is a dedicated Coach with 9+ years of experience. He is certified in Meditation, Reiki, and Energy Medicine. He has been leading others through powerful transformations through sound for 4+ years.

About Shannon Shine: Shannon Shine is a natural clairvoyant with 10+ years of experience. Her connection to spirit and the other side began when she was lost both parents at a young age. Since then, she has dedicated her life to helping others find their way through life using oracle cards, crystals, meditation, and more.