"Hot" Yoga (ya dig?)

"Hot" Yoga (ya dig?)


Last Sunday of each month @ 7:30pm

Mhm. We're doin' the damn thing. 
Namaste your way into the day with our canna-savvy guru and over 60 minutes of glowy guided yoga for the ultimate mind and body experience.

Cannabis-enhanced yoga practice combines slow and mindful movement with special breathing techniques; this allows the plant ally to guide us into our subconscious and remind us of our individual connection to the earth.

With all lights out except for our neon glow wall, you'll move your way through with an increased level of awareness to experience a higher level of healing through both cannabis and yoga. 

Want to asana without the persuasion of pot? No prob, this activity is both free of judgement and peer pressure. All yoga levels are welcome.

*BYOM (Bring Your Own Mat).

**Pens to be provided. You may also bring your own but please note: vape or smokeless only.